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We’re on a mission to help our members discover the very smartest ways to protect their homes. If we really like your devices, we might offer them to members directly via our in-app smart store. We’ll produce reviews, guides and educational content to help members understand your tech, and our smart curation algorithm will help connect your tech with the members that can benefit from it the most.

How can a lightbulb stop a thief?

We work closely with leading manufacturers to certify how effective their devices are at preventing common problems and protecting peoples’ homes. The very best go into the smart store – a curated, members-only marketplace for all kinds of safety and security tech and services.

From traditional security to more creative ways to fend off trouble – like automating your lights, speakers or even your curtains to make it look like someone’s home when you’re not – we’re a one-stop-shop for the best ways to protect your home. They might also be the most fun ways, too. As a manufacturer you get to add value to your products by certifying them, and you can discover a great audience of tech-minded homeowners looking for products just like yours – great tech, at great prices.

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