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Protect your home with smart technology. Get great perks and discounts when you do.

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Hiro works with you to protect your home and get a better price. We might just be the only home insurer that wants you to pay less.

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and be one of the first to try Hiro in early 2021

Insurance, and then some

Smart home(owner)

Amazing discounts on the best tech to protect your home. Amazing discounts on your home insurance for using smart tech!

Policies for humans

Written in human, not hieroglyphics.
Hiro lives in your mobile and speaks your language.

Monthly subscription

Start and end whenever you like. No admin fees, no cancellation fees, no nonsense.
Isn’t that refreshing?

No tech yet? No problem.

Amazing, members-only discounts on the best tech to protect your home, from the smartest brands in the world.

What people are saying about us

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Sybil Bailey

Hiro Insider

Hiro exceeded my expectations. Dealing with insurance is a bit like going to the dentist – painful and expensive! This was quite the opposite.

Douglas Broadhurst

Hiro Insider

I didn’t expect it to be so easy! I was expecting a ‘normal’ home insurance product with the smart home element added on top.

Sarah Brown

Hiro Insider

It’s simple, direct, and without the legal jargon.

Derek Burke

Hiro Insider

Insurance needs this shake up – more personalised rather than blanket cover.

Anita Burrows

App review

What a great smart insurance app!

Carol Gilmartin

App review

Simply excellent. Five stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

David Campbell

App review

Very cool – definitely unlike a traditional insurer! Can’t wait to see how you guys progress. 💪

Edward Carpenter

App review

A really intruiging concept!

Derek Cleaves


Thank you so much, awesome stuff @weareherolabs

Stephen Corless


Fantastic concept!

Nikki Hall


We’d love this as we’ve had a couple of attempted break-ins before.

Hugh Courtney


The peace of mind will definitely help me sleep better.

Sheila MacFarlane


Provides some real reassurance! Really professional.

Resham Hayer


The older we get the more vulnerable we feel… this would give us (and our families) more peace of mind.

Timothy Hodgkinson


Five out of five!

Steven Johns


Can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😜

Dominic Kirkman


I actually LOVE this idea

Mark Ley


Love the tech angle… and the rewards. Great to get more from your insurance 👍

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Get early access and be one of the first to try Hiro in early 2021.