We disliked insurance so much we’re building our own

Easier, smarter, fairer.

Your price is based on how YOU take care of your home – not some dusty database.

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It’s 1999

And everybody knows you don’t meet strangers off the internet and you never get in their cars.

Except it’s not. It’s 2020, and we literally summon strangers from the internet so that we can get in their cars.

So why does your insurance still look and feel like something from the 1990’s?

Insurance isn’t dead

It just sort of smells that way.

Old insurance uses dusty databases full of other people’s history to try to guess how you’re going to behave.

New insurance uses data from your smart home to give you a fair, personal price.

More tech, vicar?

Does your plumbing leak like Edward Snowden? There’s tech for that.

Wanna automate your home to keep the bad guys at bay, McCauley Culkin stylee? There’s tech for that too.

Get fairer insurance quotes just for owning smart tech, and members-only discounts to buy more.

You were gonna buy gadgets anyway. Now you have an excuse.

DIY (Discount it Yourself)

Our DIY experts can cut wood in half just by looking at it. It’s true, they saw it with their own eyes!

Even if your idea of “doing odd jobs” is only completing tasks 1, 3, 5 and 7 on the list, we’ve got the guides to keep your house in the right number of pieces.

Every time you check one off you earn extra perks and discounts on us. Because we don’t want your stuff to break either!

Rolling contracts

Never gonna lock you up.
Never gonna tie you down.

Never gonna use the data you share with us to dodge paying a claim (and desert you).

Cancellation fees aren’t cool. We’re so sure you’ll love Hiro you can leave at any time. We’ll never use data you share with us as an excuse not to pay a claim.

Bros before workflows

Contracts in human, not hieroglyphs.

Everything in an app and always online.

It’s insurance, Jim, but not as you know it.

According to the Association of British Insurers, insurance is an “undesirable grudge-purchase” that 87% of people don’t completely trust.

If that sounds like the product for you, then boy, do we have some generic comparison websites for you:

Money Supermarket

If you’re looking for better, you’re in the right place.